Multi Ch Bernegården’s Valentin
                                                            Still so very deeply missed
              Number one Saint Bernard in Norway 1992, number 2 working dog in Norway, 
            and NUMBER 9 ALL BREED DOG in Norway 1992, at the age of one year.
            Number One Saint Bernard in 1993 and
           NUMBER ONE ALL BREED DOG in Norway 1993, at the age of two years.
           Finishing his show carrier at the age of 2 years and 10 months.
           Doing a comeback after his 8th birthday getting as result,
           Number One Saint Bernard Veteran in Norway 1999,
           NUMBER ONE ALL BREED VETERAN in Norway 1999,
           number three working dog in Norway 1999,
           and NUMBER 10 ALL BREED DOG in Norway 1999.




The very best, that there ever has been.
No one on his side, no one in front of him.
You never know where you are going,
if you don’tknow where you have been.




                                                            Once in your life, 
                                                   a dream may come true.
                                                   And one day,
                                                   he will come into your hart.
                                                   And he stays, FOREVER