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Bernegården’s Montgomery 



                                  27/10/1998 – 05/10/2008

                                  My lovely companion and best friend during 10 wonderful years.

                                My lovely Totto died in his sleep early Sunday morning the 05/10/2008


                                        God looked around in his garden and He found an empty space.

                                        He then looked down upon earth and He saw your tiered face.

                                        God took His arms around you and lifted you to peace.

                                        God’s garden must be a wonderful place to be for some one as beautiful as you.

                                        I know for sure this is true, since God’s empty space was meant for you.


 Totto og June og Karin2
      This is the way I always will remember my Totto, the kindest dog I ever have had, a true SAINT in every part.
Totto  9 years old 1
                                        You were my best friend, my companion during the last 10 years.
                                        You where so much more then «just a dog».
                                        You made me happy with your funny way of making your life.
                                        You gave so much of yourself.
                                        You showed everyone what a true St Bernard is.
                                        You simply were the very best.
                                        They say ;when God close a door, he always leaves a window open.
                                        I would like to believe, that one day, a new Totto comes my way.
                                        I also believe that a part of you always will be with me.
                                        Sleep well my friend, I will always keep you in my hart.
Faust Totto2
Hermine Totto and Karin2