Opdyke’s Private Driver.

( Ch Opdyke’s Drives Me To Drink x Ch Ultima Thule’s Libby)


 Int Ch Nuch Such DKch Nord Ch Bernegården’s Hammer Head

( Opdyke’s Midnight Miracle x Bernegården’s Utara)

co owned With Magdalena Kubacha


 Bernegården’s Ethon Blazer

(Opdyke’s Catch A Dream x Givenshy Van’t Hof Ter Quinni)

co owned With Paula McCrea


   Ch Eminence Jokers Choice

( Ch Chandlimore King Of Hearts x Havanna Van’t Hof Ter Quinni)


  Ch Eminence Have You Forgot Me

(Multi Ch Bernegården’s True Confession x Eminence Believe In Me)


 Int Ch Nuch Such Icl Ch Versoix Totto Too

( Ch Berneården’s Prison Guard x Ch Sintleigh Waltzn Matilda)


 Gold Hammer Wielkopolski Bernardyn

( Int ch NuCh SuCh DKCh Nord Ch PolskCh Bernegården’s Hammer Head x Polsk Ch Sapphire na Kazda Pogode)


  Ch Bernegården’s Tambourine Man

( Opdyke’s Private Driver x Bernegården’s Kalypso)


  Ch Bernegården’s No More

( Ch Bernegården’s Call Me Crazy x Ch Bernegården’s Vanilla Sky)


  Ch Gulliver Wielkopolski Bernardyn

( Multi Ch Bernegården’s Hammer Head x Ch Sapphire Na Kazda Pogode)