This is a page that will show some of the old dogs in Norway
and dogs that had influence on the breed at the time when I got into the Saints. Early in the 1970.
It is a part of the breed history in Norway.
 My very first St.Bernard was a longhaired
female, born in Norway.
Her name was Apalåsen’s Zita.
She was sired by, the very famous Swedish
born male, Ch Zazza’s Bernhard.
The mother was Ch Tanja.
Zazza’s Bernhard was owned By
Ingrid Alphof’s, Alphof’s kennel in Sweden


 Apalåsen’s Zita


   Ch Zazza’s Bernard


 Ch Alphof’s Castor

 Ingrid did also import several dogs from Switzerland, and most of the dogs
coming into Norway in the years of 1970, beginning of 1980, did come from Alphof’s
Ch Alphof’s Castor was a son out of Ch Zazza’s Bernhard, and this dog was owned by
Apalåsen’s kennel in Norway.
Castor did win one Best in Show in Norway in the late 70


 Ch King Von Liebegg

 Ch King Von Liebegg was an import from Switzerland
to Alphof’s kennel in Sweden.
This dog was a fantastic show dog, he did win nearly every speciality he was entered in, and he had as best result,
a Best in Show in Norway at an all breed show in 1982.
Several of his children did come to Norway.


  Ch Alphof’s Athos

My second dog, Ch Alphof’s Athos, was a son out of King V.Liebegg and Ch Nettan,
a Zazza’s Bernhard daughter.


 Ch Snobben

 Another breeder at this time from Sweden,
who had lots of success with her dogs,
was Elisabeth Aasegaard.
She was the owner of the very famous Ch Snobben, a son out of Ch Milan V Liebiwil, another Swiss imported dog to Sweden. Snobben was also a fantastic show dog.
This dog did also win a Best in Show in Norway in the late 70.
 The next following photos are taken from dogs that were out in the ring in the late 70 in Norway.  


  Ch Alphof’s Bjuti
(Ch Zazza’s Bernhard- Ch Vaxa V Sauliamt)


(Ch King V Liebegg- Bjuti Tajana)


(Ch Alphof’s Castor-Bjuti)


      Ch Rasputin
(Ch King V Liebegg-Bibban)


Ch Barry Stern og
Torpas Lassie
Photo taken in the last
years of 1970, Lassie was owned by
Heidi Bakkehaug,
Heimers ken


     Nuch Such Jatte
(Ch Snobben –Ägården’s Vailet


       Nuch Böck
( Ch Rasputin- Konny)

 uts            Dog Show Bogstad Oslo 1979  The following photos are taken
from dog shows very early in the
years of 1980 in Norway.
At this time we did see much
more dogs and people at the
shows then we are seeing today.
After each speciality show, we always had anice and
friendly dinner withfollowing dancing.
Maybe there are some one out there who will recognise
themselves on these old photos.
 dans2  dans3
 uts2  uts3
 In the beginning of the years 1980, there was a Dutch male, Ch Helmuth V Wijk Heim;
an import to Sweden to Karin Byrevik, Dein Hard’s Kennel.
This dog had a big influence on the developing of the breed in this period.
Both in Sweden as well as in Norway.
 helmuth                                   Ch Helmuth V Wijk Heim
 And in 1981, the first import from USA, Ch Mar Don’s Cottonelle,
was imported to Bernegården’s kennel in Norway.
Cottonelle and Helmut did produce a very great dog for this time, Ch Bernegården’s Gulliver.
He became a best in show winner, at the Swedish Saint Bernard show, already at the age of 15 months.


       Ch Bernegården’s Gulliver

adam                                          Ch Bernegården’s All Alone Gulliver himself did produce some of the greatest dogs in this period; well-known dogs are
Multi Ch Bernegården’s Laramie, Int Ch Bernegården’s All Alone and Ch Bernegården’s Vagabond.
All of these dogs Best in show specialty winners,
the two first ones also group and Bis winners at all breed shows.
 Another very important import from USA was Ch Castlewood’s Yamaha.
This dog was also imported by Dein Hard’s kennel


        Ch Castlewood’s Yamaha

 Cottonelle was also mated to Yamaha, a combination who produced 9 championsWe did very fast see the improvement in the breed in Norway, after importing dogs from USA.
These dogs were to enormous help getting better structure, balance, body and movements on the breed.
Suddenly Saint Bernard’s was able to compete for the groups and the Best In Show level.
Not just as a one-time winner, but time after time.


 1981 BOB puppy in Sandvika With Bernegården’s Aron


  in the ring 1982


 Diane Andreson judging the St Bernard spesiality show in 1982

 show2_82 show3_82